18 x 12 Model 5000 Configuration

DBCI Model 5000 Door

Base Size: 18 x 12

List Price: $3775

Sale Price: $2604

Select Your Door Size

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Configure Your Roll Up Door

Select Color: White

Hover mouse cursor over colors for names. *Premium colors add 5% to the base door price.

What material are you mounting to? Wood

Select the mounting material so we can include the correct installation hardware with the door.

Lock Latch Position: Inside Door Latch

Select the location of the latch or if you would prefer an external lock.

Insulation: No Insulation

Insulation is a dual-layer polyethylene air-bubble insulation with a foil back and it is secured in place with a strong adhesive.

*Insulation requires 2" more headroom for installation, top and side draft seals are included with insulation.

Top Draft Seal: None

Neoprene weather stripping attached to the door the portects from wind and rain.

Side Brush Seal: None

A brush style seal that mounts to the door framework.

Hood: None

Hood Color: White

For exterior mounts or just for aesthetic purposes the hood covers the door's drum assembly.