How to measure for a DBCI rolling steel door.

Follow the steps below and look at the diagram to see how to measure for your door.

  1. Measure across the widest point of the rough opening on the side of the wall you where are going to mount the door.
  2. Measure the side room available between the edge of the opening and any corners or other obstructions. The side room required depends on the door model, check under the specifications tab on the right side of the page to figure out the required side room for your chosen model. It can vary from 3 1/4" up to 10 1/2".
  3. Measure the head room available from above the opening to the ceiling or any other obstructions above the opening. The amount of headroom required varies based on the model so check the specifications on the specific model you are measuring for. Required headroom will be from 17" up to 24".

The door mounts to the wall on the inside (or outside) of the opening not inside the opening itself. When purchasing a door select the size of the opening as the door will be slightly larger.

How to measure for a roll up door